Kindred Farm's Farm-to-Table Harvest Dinner


If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I love cultivating space around the table to connect and gather with friends and loved ones, which is why I love sharing recipes with you to help you do the same thing!

When we were contacted by the folks over at Kindred Farm about attending and photographing their Fall farm-to-table dinner last October, we leapt at the chance to be a part of this magical night! I’ve been wanting to attend a dinner like this for ages, so I was so thrilled at the idea of getting to attend, and it did not disappoint!

The evening was full of cozy bonfires, live music, a talk and tour of the farm with the chef (Steven Bailey), beautiful people, a gorgeous spread at the long table up on the hill, and of course, delicious drinks, appetizers, and food that were all sourced from the farm and other local vendors. I love hosting people well, and I also really love and appreciate being hosted well, and these guys knocked it out of the park! Every detail was thought out and brilliantly executed.

Kindred Farm is just outside of Nashville, but far enough to feel like you’re well outside the city. The 45-ish minute drive out to the farm through gorgeous Tennessee farmland is relaxing in itself! Kindred Farm co-owners Steven & Christine Bailey and JT Ward raise organic produce, flowers, pastured pigs and chickens for their community and local chefs in Santa Fe, TN (pronounced “Santa Fee”).

“In the world we know today, true hospitality is rebellious, radical. Hospitality, the act of opening yourself up to give or receive a meal, a drink, or a safe place to stay, flies in the face of a culture fixated on speed and self-reliance. To willingly place yourself in the hands of another, and exchange feelings of welcome and gratitude, may well be the ancient practice that keeps saving the world one generation at a time.”

- Amy Parman (Events Producer)

Their Spring farm-to-table dinner is on May 4th, and tickets are for sale NOW! Head over to their website and grab your tickets before they’re full! This would be so much fun with a group of your friends, but even if you decide to go by yourself, you’re sure to make a few new friends by the end of the night!