To celebrate one year since launching my lifestyle blog, I’ve partnered up with Ink + Honey to give away this sweet artist starter kit! It includes a gorgeous, hand bound journal by Ink + Honey, a starter kit for oil painting that includes all of my favorite art supplies, as well as a notebook full of handwritten notes & doodles by me that includes a stripped down version of my (not-yet-released) beginner’s guide to approaching creativity and abstract art! In it, you’ll find my step by step approach to painting, my personal color palette guide, how to cultivate creativity in your life, and so much more!

TO ENTER: Check out this photo on my Instagram profile! Giveaway closes on Saturday, February 16th at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced Monday, 2/18.

Included in the giveaway:

Ink + Honey Journal: Part of my creative process is journaling and doodling! I find that it activates my right brain and gets my creative juices flowing faster than anything. Ink + Honey makes GORGEOUS, hand bound journals that make sitting down to write a treat! I own ten I+H journals, and one on the way, so I’m STOKED to get to share a product that I love so much with you! (Includes 152 pages of white French Paper Co. paper + a pocket for notes, etc.)

Sharpie Pen: The only pens I use. Ever.

2 Paint Brushes: Two of my favorite brushes to get you started!

Palette Knife: My #1 most used tool when it comes to painting. Perfect for mixing paints and creating texture!

Palette Pad: I love these disposable palette pads because you don’t have to worry about scraping and cleaning them!

Oil Paints (black, white, brown): The only three “colors” I use in my palette right now.

Turpenoid (+ small bowl): Solvent + Brush Cleaner

4 Canvas Boards: To get your feet wet!

Sponge: Such a fun way to create texture!

Starter Guide to Creativity + Abstract Art: A small notebook full of my thoughts on creativity, how I approach painting, color palette inspiration, and more. I’ve been following the same approach for over 7 years, and am so excited to share this with you! (If you sign up for my email list, you’ll get 5 extra entries AND be the first to know when the course comes out!)