Photoshoot Highlight: Esker Beauty [featured in NY Times Style Magazine!]


I got to work with Esker Beauty, an L.A. based natural beauty brand, earlier this year creating content for their social media and brand. This was a super fun shoot for me, because I got to use a ton of greenery (which I love), and I got to get really creative with it. Big shout out to my husband for assisting me on this shoot, and for helping to make my vision a reality. 

*** Edited: The image above was actually featured in a NY Times Style Magazine article highlighting Esker this year!

Behind the Scenes

I'd hoped to use lots of natural light on this shoot, but our Nashville weather had other plans. It was dark, cloudy and raining the entire week I had to shoot. The sun came out only on a couple of occasions - of course during the times I couldn't work on shooting. Every single one of these shots was captured using a flash. Thank God my husband is an expert at studio lighting!